Al Amiri International Agencies LLC

Al Amiri International Agencies LLC is a departmental stores running under the brand name of Al Amiri Centre, dealing in textiles and fashion accessories. The store evolved from a small textiles shop into large retailer and wholesaler of textiles and other accessories, including import and export of the same. Al Amiri International Agencies operates through Al Amiri Centre under the patronage of Mr. Faisal has become a brand in the local fashion industry by bringing exclusive collections to their valuable customers.

Al Amiri Abayat & Shaila Center

Al Amiri Abayat and Shaila Center specifically deals into exclusive collections of Abayat, Shaila and Jallabia. Located in the Sharjah Central Market, it is the number one choice for all the local and international customers to buy Abayat, Shaila’s and Jallabia’s. A team of Fashion Designer dedicates itself to bring the exclusive ideas and give a touch of flair to the Abayat and Shaila’s. Our International customers can visit and shop online or place orders through our website. They can also download our application on mobile and shop at anytime from anywhere.

Al Thurath Al Khaleeji Ladies Readymade Gar. LLC

Al Thurath Khaleeji is a company formed to promote traditional dress in the local UAE market. Al Thurath has created its imprint in the local market, by bringing in exclusive collections of Shaila and Jallabias. Al Thurath has a team of excellent fashion designers which create collections specifical .